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Jerzy's New CD
"Life's a Game"

After the great success of His CD "Change" Jerzy's latest project " Life is a Game" could possibly be one of His best endeavors according to publishers, DJ's and friends.  "Life" is produced mostly in the country music style with some surprizes at the end. Jerzy's musical journey continues to progress, as he moves along in the "Game of Life" I hope You will enjoy His journey along with Him...

Sample of Lyrics

Welcome To My Heart

In search of love,
I'm willing to climb a mountain,
In search of love,
I'm willing to go through a desert,
I know it will be long way to go,
I know it will be a hard task to do,
But I never ever,
I never give it up.

Deep in my heart
I believe in love,
The one when I'm with you.
Deep in my heart
I want to live for you,
And that's what I will do.

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