The Music of Jerzy Przybylski (ASCAP)

Jerzy's New CD

"I'm Waiting

For You"

It is only possible to listen to the title song on YAM,  along with Touch the Sky
And "Out of the Stage"

Lyrics :
I'm Waiting for You

Another day and I'm crying,
The tiers are coming like a river,
Where are you rose full of love,
Where are you the star of my dreams?

I'm still looking forward to see you,
Where are you a love of my life.
I'm still waiting for you,
Just hope that you will come soon.

The tears will be diamonds in time,
And I will give them to you.
I wait for that time, it will come,
This is my promise to you.

I know that day will come soon,
And nothing will take that from us,
You will be mine and I will be yours,
And we will go forward together.

A new life begin on that day,
For the good and bad days sometime,
But the love will keep us together,
Here on the earth, and later in heaven.

The tears will be diamonds in time,
And I will give them to you.
I wait for that time, it will come,
This is my promise to you.

Childhood Dream

I will give you in the future,
Girl, she will be just like me,
You will give her all your heart,
She will love you back.

She will be from different land,
And she will be star,
I will guide you to found her,
Take my word on that.

Years was passing nothing change,
I forgot the dream,
And one day I sow a picture,
Right away I know is her.

She look's like a queen from the dream,
I give her my heart,
She gave hers right back to me,
And her name is Jocelyn.

  ..... This is a fragment of the poem "Childhood Dream" from the book "Don't
Take Me Wrong" ... a story of Life and Love.......
I hope everybody will like the songs and will found something to listen.....
And on The End....
..... Many thanks to Jocelyn Chang actress and director... Andrea Morton
vocal for Her Excellent singing... Jerzy Group musicians for great play....

Jerzy F. Przybylski

July 2007

I'M WATING FOR YOU Easy-on-the -ear, the JERZY GROUP sing the new repertoire of songwriter, JERZY PRZYBYLSKI.  Lyrics and music have always been a big part of Jerzy's life, from early childhood back in Poland where he attended all levels of music education from grammar school to university, and later his employment which he loved. He feels best playing piano or French horn with a pencil ready to write. He currently has publishing contracts and is a full member of ASCAP. A skilled writer indeed, here's Jerzy in country-territory, a la diversified moods and themes. The CD finds him in his best and fully matured colours. Wonderfully warm, his group's crystal-clear vocal talent could find a its well-deserved niche even in the ever-changing music environment! Paraded are new ballads dripping with sentiment. PAUL DAVIS

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